Bedford Artisan Trail

Handcrafted and Homegrown in the Shadow of the Peaks of Otter


     Talents: With its picturesque landscape of farms and communities nestled against the Blue Ridge mountains in the shadow of the Peaks of Otter, Bedford County is home to some of Virginia's most exceptional artisans. Galleries and local businessess in the Town of Bedford showcase an exquisite variety of local talent and can point you to artisan studios throughout the country where you can observe works being made by hand. Meet the artists who are exploring the innovative creative edge and preserving long-standing traditions with handworking skill.

     Tastes: You will be graciously welcomed by the family-run artisan wineries and breweries, farms and orchards that are scattered throughout the countryside. Tours and farm-fresh tastings abound. pick-your own culinary-grade herbs, fruit and veggies and don't forget to pet the alpacas!

Take quiet repass enjoying world-class menus of delectible interational cuisine and down-home cooking at one of the many locally-owned, chef-infused restaurants and grills. Bask in the warm hospitality restored bed and breakfast by day and celebrate your evenings in consert at on of Bedford's performance venues, showcasing everything from bluegrass to baroque.

     Treasures: You will find a treasure trove of historical sites in Bedford County. Explore the archeological findings at Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest. Hunt for the famed 19th century Beale Treasure, said to be buried somewhere in the mountains of Bedford County. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the "Lady in White" as she glides silently up the ornate staircase of the Avenel plantation, one of Virginia's haunted historic sites. Visit the world-famous National D-Day Memorial, adjacent to the Bedford Area Welcome Center, with its stylized English Garden, haunting invasion tableau, and striking Victory Plaza.

Take a stroll along the 500 miles of shoreline encompassing the picturesque, Smith Mountain Lake, also known as the "Jewel of the Blue Ridge Mountains." Dive in, soak up the sun or step back in time cruising on a 19th century sidewheeler. From its wildlife trails along the banks to recreational watersports, the lake provides activities for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages.

A signature phenomenom, unique to Bedford, the grand Peaks of Otter stand guard from atop the Blue Ridge and are visible wherever you roam within the county. Rise to this true landmark at dawn, bask in its the peaceful solitude as you hike along the Appalachian Trail and stop to catch your breath on one of the rugged overlooks at sunset.


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