Studio 43 Pottery, Sonya Forte’

Fabulous hand built pottery inspired by texture and beauty in nature.


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Art has always brought me joy. As a young girl in the beautiful Virginia countryside, I used to climb up into my favorite big oak tree and draw, sing and sculpt little animals from modeling clay. I went on to major in commercial art and then moved to Chicago, where I studied pottery. That was my favorite of all the mediums I had worked with, clay was “it” for me. Moving back to Virginia years later, I opened my breezy studio on Route 43 at the foot of the Blue Ridge Parkway. I have been the sole proprietor of Studio 43 Pottery for over a decade. My studio is a place of peace and creativity, All the magic happens there! I use no wheel, only hand building and pressing textures from nature and unique findings into the clay. I also draw into and sculpt the clay. My work has evolved over the years and I have been able to share it with many people. This is my purpose, this is my joy!


Sonya Forte




4870 Peaks Road
Bedford, VA 24523

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