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Quilting has been an interest of mine for many years. I love the symmetry of the patterns, the interplay of lights and darks, the use of color that sings in the fabrics, and especially the heritage they represent. However, I now prefer to paint them rather than to sew them!

My farmer husband suggested putting a few on our barns. Interest and orders grew and Highland County now has over twenty five barn quilts on barns and sheds in our beautiful county. (Visit highland county.org to download a Barn Quilt Trail brochure.)

These barns and outbuildings provided life’s work and sustenance for the families who owned them, It delights me to draw attention to them with a barn quilt that makes a statement about the people who lived and worked on the land.

If you follow the barn quilt trail in our scenic, mountain community and drive through the Blue Grass Valley, come visit my studio!


Margie Boesch



2806 Meadowdale Rd
Hightown, VA 24465

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