Earth Spirits Masks Studio, Elizabeth Ashe

Juried Artisan

Magical one of a kind clay sculptures depicting nature spirits, faeries and animals enhanced with found natural objects.


10am- 4pm daily. Please call before visiting

Member of Trail Networks:
Shenandoah County Artisan Trail (site #10)

Professional Distinction: Consignment/Retail

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All nature was held sacred by our ancestors the world over. Every stream, mountain, wind and rainfall, each plant and every creature was believed to possess a unique spirit which interrelated with the lives and spirits of the others. Humankind was only a tiny fragment of the whole spirit of the earth.
Alone in the forest I sense an overwhelming ancient presence and a deep, profound yet playful peace which fills my heart and lifts my spirit. These sculptures represent some of my companions as I move along the path. I hope they serve as a reminder to others of the wisdom of our ancestors. They represent the nature spirits of no particular culture but the respect of nature inherent in all primitive cultures. They remind us to take time to appreciate the abundant beauty of our planet; they encourage us to smile.


Elizabeth Ashe




1072 Gafia Lodge Road
Middletown, VA 22645

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