David Kreider Studio of Pyrographic Arts, David Kreider

Exquisite cross-cultural character studies, nature, wildlife, and calligraphed art rendered in wood by burning and stain.


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Pyrography, or woodburning is nearly a lost art, yet from my earliest encounters with it and for the last thirty-three years as I have explored it as an artist I have been captivated by its seductive charm. In the warm organic beauty of wood I find a deep spiritual connection with nature—an intriguing aesthetic that now adds mystery and meaning to my art.

Over the years as I’ve explored its nuancesand been drawn to the subtle interplay between the woods and the subjects I portray, I feel I’ve discovered something truly beautiful. The rich flesh tones and deep earthy hues of burning combine handsomely with my intercultural portraits and wildlife art. The grains of oak, birch, maple, and fir infused with transparent color offer rich tonal underlays and evocative parallels to the ethereal textures of the atmosphere, gentle ripples in water, and the undulating stratifications of landscape and terrain. And in my transpositions of all these qualities to yet other artforms and derivatives I have found it truly remarkable to merge the ancient and the timeless art of woodburning into new creative forms our minds have only now begun to explore..

I invite you to come and see where these experiments across time have taken me, to spend some time enjoying some unusual art, and relaxing in our beautiful gardens for awhile.


David Kreider




443 Lee Ave
Harrisonburg, VA 22802

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