Blueridge Dulcimers, Marvin Rankin

Handmade Appalachian and Roots Instruments

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?Handcrafted Appalachian Dulcimers, Cigar Box Guitars and other Roots Instruments

?I made my first Appalachian Dulcimer in 1975 when I was a senior in high school. I was inspired by a John Denver song, Berkley Woman, “I saw a Berkley woman, sitting in a rocking chair, a dulcimer in her lap, a feather in her hair…”. Life got busy with marriage, college, kids then in 1999 I decided to build another dulcimer. I did some research, drew up my own plans and made my second dulcimer, then another and another…I was hooked on this beautiful and traditionally American instrument from our Appalachian heartlands.

Today I work out of a small wood shop in our backyard and not only handcraft Appalachian dulcimers but have expanded into other roots type instruments including cigar box guitars, ukuleles and mountain banjos. As my lutherie skills and experience have improved, I also have done numerous repairs and restorations of various guitars and other instruments.

I have done extensive research into the Mountain dulcimer and roots music genre and hope my craft helps to keep this traditional form of lutherie and music alive.


Marvin Rankin



1241 Orchard Dr
Crozet, VA 22932

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