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We need to return to the search for what is honest and real in art. That happens, we believe, when the artist witnesses something elusive, beautiful, sometimes just in a glance, that has accidentally revealed itself to him. The importance of that moment drives him to record for himself and his viewers an impression of what he has seen and felt. The process of making art then requires first, the artist’s vision, then the need to do something about it, and finally the effort, employing all of his practice and prowess with the materials of his art, to express that vision. If he succeeds and it all happens, then the artist has fixed that ” moment between moments “, and brought a certain piece of the sublime into the material world.

Wes Porter & Eileen (Little) Brennan-Porter (aka Dusty Brennan) are the Artists and the Owners of Arts & Artisans Fine Art Gallery. Opened in 2005, the gallery features the artists’ original work as well as Archival Giclee prints of selected paintings and drawings (see detailed description of the Giclee process on our website).

Original paintings by renowned New York artist Burton Silverman are in the gallery’s collection. Jacob Collins, also of New York, founder of Water Street Atelier & Grand Central Academy has twice been to the Shenandoah Valley with his students and colleagues as guests of Wes and Eileen, and some of their fine Plein Air paintings from those trips is also displayed.

The gallery is looking forward to offering open studio sessions, demos and workshops featuring guest artists, and live music.

Images ( left to right ) ” End of the Line “, oil painting by Wes Porter, ” Long Shadows “, pastel painting by Dusty Brennan, ” Just Before Dusk “, pastel painting by Dusty Brennan.

Photo: Wes Porter, Eileen Brennan-Porter, and Holly-dog.


Wes Porter




4 East Main Street
Luray, VA 22835

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