Little Old Lady Quilting Studio—Wynn Creasy Owner/Operator

Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!

Seasonally ( May - December) 10:00 Am until 4:00 PM Wednesday through Saturdays, and by Appointment. The wintermonths ( January - May) by Appointment ONLY

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Professional Distinction: Commission/Custom Work, Demonstrations, Exhibition, Instruction

“Create Beauty and fill the World with LOVE!” is my driving force and motto for how I try to approach every minute of every day. My work is intended to be touched, to be explored. To start a conversation…. I could live to be 1000 and never capture all the constantly changing beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains that surrounds us here in Bedford.

Little Old Lady Quilting began in 2015 as a hobby turned to cottage industry. Originally I was creating traditional homemade quilts, household items, and wall hangings for friends and family for holiday gifts. I also began to plan to build a business finishing and quilting tops made by other quilters. Soon local church groups and other business connections contacted me to do commissioned pieces.

My primary focus today is on creating one of a kind art quilts and thread paintings focusing on the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and the Bedford, Virginia Landscape. I sell from my Studio at 7536 Peaks Road Bedford, VA 24523 on the way down Peaks of Otter Mountain from the Blue Ridge Parkway /SkyLine Drive to Bedford, VA. My artwork is also available in Bedford at Goose Creek Studio (also a Bedford Artisan Trail Member.) located at 302 Court Street, Bedford, VA 24523.

I do numerous commissions of people’s favorite properties and places that are dear to them, and the occasional cow, pig, or horse, working from clients’ original photographs, but in my own style known for my brilliant use of color and quirky details.

The secondary focus of Little Old Lady Quilting Studio is to provide full-service quilting solutions to quilt top makers in the area, using my HQ Avante 18” Long Arm Quilting Machine and Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) techniques. Every quilt I custom quilt is one of a kind due to my ability to draw with the needle and and thread and to create a unique pattern for each work of ark I get to finish for my clients.


Wynn Creasy




7536 Peaks Rd
Bedford, VA 24523

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